Professional conference room scheduling software

Every company about a certain size and number of employees need a system to manage meeting and conference rooms, in order to avoid double bookings or bookings and reservations that are lost due to forgetfulness or common mailbox messes. With a meeting management system, there is no need for the secretary, facilities manager, office manager or secretary in charge to keep separate calendars and receive reservations by mail or telephone. An appropriate meeting room and facilities management system will, in an intuitive an user friendly way, enable the manager as well as the end users to monitor and overview the availability of meeting and conference rooms, resources related to meetings (e.g. projectors, work stations, interactive displays, whiteboards, or office supplies), and the catering options. Furthermore, a piece of conference room scheduling software which integrates seamlessly with the most used desktop tools such as Microsoft Outlook and the Outlook Calendar will ease the task of booking meeting facilities, in that the meeting invitations and the booking of rooms will be one and the same process.


With the right conference room scheduling software, you will save both time and resources, no matter your company’s size or type. Whether you are a hotel manager in charge of the meeting and conference rooms at the hotel, a receptionist at a large scale company, or the office or facilities manager at an oficina with shared meeting rooms and resources, you need the right tools to perform your tasks and save you the fret and embarrassment of double booking or lost reservations.


The large professional company and the hotel with meeting and conference facilities will benefit from conference room scheduling software such as the Meeting Management Suite from the Danish company Pronestor. Pronestor is one of the leading developers and suppliers of conference room scheduling software and other solutions related to meeting and conference management. The Meeting Management Suite is comprised of four elements, which also works on stand-alone basis: Pronestor Room (the conference room scheduling software), Pronestor Catering (for managing catering arrangements in relation to meetings and conferences), Pronestor Visitor (the innovative visitor registration and welcoming system) and Pronestor Display (for easy monitoring and surveillance of meeting rooms and their availability).


With conference room scheduling software from Pronestor, you get a solution which is tailor made to fit your particular company’s needs and demands. Read more about our products and services at our website, where you will also find client testimonials and a free trial.